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California Has One Year of Water Supply Left

March 15, 2015

image credit: Uvas Reservoir, Santa Clara County, California.

According to NASA, California has a mere 365 days left of their water supply. As the state goes into mandatory water rationing, there are things you can do to build up your own supply of water at home. 

Keep a supply of potable water on your property inside a BPA-free tank. In addition, carry a supply of water purification tablets that can turn bad water into drinking water. 

3 water-saving tips you can start today:

#1 - Use ice cubes to water house plants

Done drinking your iced water but still have cubes left over? Dump them in your potted plants. They'll water over time and keep your plants well-hydrated.

#2 - Give your car a dry wash

Try using a dry microfiber cloth or car-washing brush to get dust off the vehicle before resorting to water. You'll find that you can get most of the dirt off without much hassle. 

#3 - Time your showers, avoid taking baths

Don't use your bath during a drought. Take quicker showers and set your shower head to a slower drip. Time your "regular" shower and try shaving off a minute each time to see how quickly you can get yourself clean. If you're really want to conserve, turn the shower off altogether while soaping up, then turn it back on only to rinse.  

We hope these quick tips are helpful. For more ideas on water storage and conservation, check out Earthquake Supply Center's Emergency Water collection. 

Article source: Newsweek

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