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6 Reasons You Need More Water Than You Think

March 09, 2016

6 Reasons You Need More Water Than You Think

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In order to prepare adequately for an emergency, to start, you should store at least one gallon of water per person per day for a total of three days. A normally active person needs about three quarters of a gallon of fluid daily, from water and other beverages. However, individual needs vary, depending on age, health, physical condition, activity, diet and climate.

To determine your water needs, take the following into account:

1. You may need water to cook & clean in an emergency

Not only do you need water for drinking, but you also need it for cooking and sanitation – especially if there’s a chance you’ll be without clean running water for a few days. To keep hydrated and clean during an emergency, FEMA recommends one gallon of water per person per day, for drinking and sanitation.

2. Children, elderly people, nursing mothers and people with illnesses may need more water

Kids tend to run around, play and get dirty. They may need more water to keep them hydrated and clean. Nursing mothers are drinking for two or more. They need enough water to keep themselves hydrated, and their children fed. Elderly or ill family members might also have an increased need for drinking fluids. 

3. You have pets

Don’t forget your four-legged companions when it comes to emergencies. Make sure you have enough water for them to drink and stay clean as well.

 4. Medical emergencies

As the old saying goes, disasters come in threes. Whether that adage holds true or not, it’s important to keep enough water around to cover any potential medical emergency.

4. It’s hot where you live

If you live in a warm weather climate, more water may be necessary. In very hot temperatures, you might need double the recommended amount of water.

5. Emergencies can last more than one day

Like we mentioned in our first tip, sometimes emergencies can last a few days, some even weeks or months. While you might not be able to store an endless supply of water, it’s important to keep a very minimum of a three-day supply of water per person in the house – with the aim of storing a two-week supply of water for each member of your family in your home.


Final thoughts to keep in mind:

If you are unable to store a two-week water supply for your family, store as much as you can. If supplies run low, try to ration your water consumption (especially for healthy, fully-grown adults – continue to give children, sick and elderly people as much as their bodies need). You can decrease the amount of water your body needs by reducing your activity and keeping your body temperature cool.



Need More Information?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Community and Family Preparedness Program and American Red Cross Community Disaster Education are nationwide efforts to help people prepare for disasters of all types. You can find information for your specific region on the American Red Cross website.

For more information, please visit and, or contact your local emergency preparedness outlet.

Contact FEMA at:



P.O. Box 2012

Jessup, MD 20794-2012


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