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3 Cautionary Tales About Preparing and Storing Your Water Supply

March 16, 2016

3 Cautionary Tales About Preparing and Storing Your Water Supply


#1 Chlorine Is Only Temporary

Water treated with chlorine to kill bacteria and other organisms is only stable for a short period of time. Chlorine is not recommended for long-term storage, nor is it recommended for human consumption; however in an emergency chlorine will disinfect the water you have and make it drinkable for immediate use.


#2 Do NOT Rely on DIY Water Storage Alone

To prepare the safest and most reliable emergency supply of water, it is recommended that you purchase commercially packaged, long-term water supplies. Those usually come with a 5-year shelf life (Earthquake Supply Center sells those).


#3 Regular Bottled Water Comes with Caveats

Keep in mind that bottled water has a very high potential for leaching from the plastic bottles they are stored in. If you are using bottled water keep it in its original sealed container, observe the expiration or “use by” date, and do not open it until you need to use it.



Need More Information?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Community and Family Preparedness Program and American Red Cross Community Disaster Education are nationwide efforts to help people prepare for disasters of all types. You can find information for your specific region on the American Red Cross website.

For more information, please visit and, or contact your local emergency preparedness outlet.

Contact FEMA at:



P.O. Box 2012

Jessup, MD 20794-2012


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