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Classroom Backpack Survival Kit


Emergency preparedness survival kit for teachers & administrators for those first critical 72 hours after an emergency packed in a backpack.

This basic kit can help a teacher or school leader keep calm and provide assistance to those in their care. The kit includes enough food and water for one person, plus tools that can be used to help multiple people. Keep one kit in each classroom or office.

For more comprehensive preparation, this kit should be paired with an individual kit for each child or person in your care.

Need a large order? Contact us for pricing. We also print kits with custom logos. 


1 Backpack Kit
Food, Water & Warmth

  • 12 4.2 oz. Emergency water pouches*
  • 1 2400 Calorie food bar*
  • 2 Emergency blankets

Light, Safety & Misc.

  • 2 Light sticks*
  • 1 Flashlight w/batteries*
  • 1 Pair leather palm gloves
  • 1 Deluxe first aid kit for 25
  • 1 Irrigation solution
  • 1 CPR shield

*replace in 5 years

School Kit

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