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Survival Kit Comparison

Grab 'N' Go Survival Kit


/'The Grab 'N Go Survival Kits provides basic survival supplies for one or two people in an insulated bag with shoulder strap. The simplest and smallest of our survival kits, it's designed for storage in tight places and survival when you need to go quickly.

Includes an emergency supply of food, water & necessities for up to 3-days. 

This kit also makes a nice gift or favor. Need a large order? Contact us for pricing

The quantity of each item varies based on the number of people you select.


Food, Water & Warmth 

  • 4.2 oz. Emergency water pouches* – 8 per person
  • 2400 Calorie food bar* – 1 per person
  • Emergency blanket – 1 per person

Light, Safety & Misc.

  • 12-Hour light sticks* – 2
  • Whistle – 1
  • Pocket first aid kit – 1
  • Razor - 1
  • Soap - 1
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste – 1 per person

 Small bag with straps

*5-year shelf-life


Number of People = how many people you want to provide for with each kit

Quantity = how many kits you want to purchase

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