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About Us

Disaster preparedness assistance for businesses, schools, families and individuals since 1995.

Emergency Cafe dba Disaster Supply Center carries an array of emergency preparedness products for individuals and homes, businesses and schools, volunteer organizations and non-profits. All of our products can be ordered in large or small quantities.  You can purchase a basic kit, deluxe kit or ultimate kit depending on the level you want to be prepared.

Be ready for any disaster, accident or emergency. Let Disaster Supply Center outfit your home, vehicle, office or school with reliable products that are designed with your safety and comfort in mind.

Disaster Supply Center is dedicated to raising awareness of disaster preparedness by emphasizing the importance of planning with your family and having the necessary tools to survive an unexpected disaster.

We have assembled quality disaster kit packages which are designed for the personal needs of families and businesses in times of imminent crisis.

To guarantee that our kits are the last ones you will ever need to think about purchasing, we have developed a refill notification system for used or expired food, water and sanitary supply. We contact customers when these items need to be replaced.
  • We specialize in 72 Hour emergency kits for Home – Car – Office – School
  • We have a variety of kits to prepare you and your family while meeting your budget and needs
  • Our food and water is United States Coast Guard Approved, and unlike supermarket supplies, has a minimum five year shelf life.  Additionally, our food is NON-GMO.
  • It is our goal to sell reliable, affordable, quality products to help protect you, your family, your home, business, school, and vehicle
  • We have been in the disaster preparedness business since 1995, and have an extensive client list of government agencies, national corporations, schools, institutions, businesses and individuals
  • We take pride in our customer service and have extensive knowledge and understanding of the products available for your emergency preparedness and survival 
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