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Additional Safety Supplies

All our kits have a minimum 3-day supply of food and water and can be customized for any disaster. To customize your kit and prepare for emergencies that may take longer, consider supplies like:

Emergency Water

Water is the most essential item needed for survival. Add drinking water to your survival kit with pouches (5 year lifespan) or cans (50 year lifespan). You can also add water purification tablets, filters and purifiers, and storage containers.

Emergency Power and Communications

Many natural disasters leave you without electricity. Power up your survival kit with radios, solar lanterns, solar radios with cell phone chargers and lights, and solar charging panels for phones, tablets and USB devices.

Emergency Heat

Hypothermia and low body heat can kill just as easily as a natural disaster itself. Add warmth to your emergency kit with thermal blankets that reflect 95% of your body heat back to you, sleeping bags and body warmers.